Sunday, December 21, 2008

Futsal Charity organized by Radio UFM

Last weekend i joined futsal tournament. It was organized by Radio UFM. One of the sponsor is Mattop Bariani which off course sponsor Nasi Bariani. The tournament is actually for charity.

So, it supposed to have 12 teams, but only 10 showed up. The teams are divided into 2 groups. Group A consist of 6 teams, and group B consist of 4 team. My opinion is the organizer should dividing 5 team per group but i guess they don't want to reschedule since they already set it earlier.

The match started at 10am. Our team played the first match versus Team Wira 13. We lost 1-2. The 2nd match we face Team Flava, which celebrity Azfar OIAM also played. We lost 2-3.

The 3rd game is the where we started to win. We won 2-1. I was very excited because i scored both goals, very unique and beautiful goal, so regret can't capture that moment..

The 4th game we fight organizer team, UFM (A). This game most likely not a real game. It more like playing to entertain the audiences. A lots of unique skill we showed. And most important is we still win 3-0.

The final game is very crucial since we need to win to maintain chances to go throught the semi final. We won 5-1. Our opponent is likely not expected that they will be beaten that much. We also not expected the same since their team is quite good. I guess it is because all of them had their lunch before the game, so they become a little bit slow.

Out of 5 matches, we won 3 game. We had 9 points, and rank number 3 in group. This is due to goal difference with the 2nd place. So, we did not go through the semi final.

Even then, we still had our fun. Even though it is new team, but we still manage to win 3 out of 5 game, and score a lots of goal. Congrats to my team.